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Wella in the (H)air.

Trend research is a fascinating process. We love it, probably because it has so much to do with cultural identification, certainly because it is quite a complex and human driven process. In order to imagine the trends of the forthcoming …

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Love Beat

„J’ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris!“ sang Josephine Baker in the 1930’s. It is also the way our heart, at ITTZ, is split in two: between both our hometowns, Berlin and Paris. That is probably why we enjoyed imagining …

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„… in the end, the ordinary is not ordinary; it is extraordinary.“ Martin Heidegger in the The Origin of the Work of Art. According to his biography*, Steve Jobs’ staple food being apples for a while, it may have influenced …

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kinder Riegel – Forever young

What we love about digital natives – we personally tend to consider ourselves early digital artists nerds – is their natural ease to sustain a “real” life on the Internet and even more, to loudly express their individual points of …

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