We accompany you both in Brand Activation and in Corporate Communication, by creating meaningful on-line and off-line events, which integrate seamlessly your global communication. After an interdisciplinary method of research and ideation, we deliver clear red threads, story driven momentum and culturally relevant solutions, which truly match your identity.
We also produce innovative, trend-sensitive and culturally-savvy content for your global communication’s strategy.


Whether for corporate events, – such as big groups meetings, exhibitions, (un-)conferences – or public events, interacting with an audience is our specialty. Focusing above all on the quality of the participants’ experience, we create innovative formats, participative processes and sustainable platforms in order for your audience to experience itself your vision. Our cross over approach aims to design significant touchpoints between you and each of your guests.
We also manage creative direction and execution.


In communication, much as in the Arts, an idea not only relies on its context to fully exist, but also on an appropriate form of expression. In other words: its own medium. The main focus of our media studio is to design the right shape to translate your message into a powerful impression. Whether using still images, film, digital formats, sound or tactile environments, we focus on creating specific communication outlets that complete an event.
Innovation and new technologies, are continually offering new opportunities that we leverage for you.


ITTZ came to life when a media producer and event designer met an art curator. Our hybrid profile arises from extensive experience in brand and corporate events and the art scene. Both facets of an exhibition interest us: education and sensation, art and technology, communication and culture. For an exhibition to fully reach its goals, and in order to become an active source of inspiration, we develop coherent and innovative content for the audience’s culture and points of interests. We also consult organisations on their philanthropic actions and art collecting.