What we love about digital natives – we personally tend to consider ourselves early digital artists nerds – is their natural ease to sustain a “real” life on the Internet and even more, to loudly express their individual points of view there.

A friend of a friend’s 4 years old daughter asked him once: « Dad, before computers existed, how would you go on the Internet? » Internet is now everything; the place for exchanging ideas, the space to establish oneself in the world’s movements through selfies for example, the concrete space of spirituality, the boundless space of eternity.

« Forever young » was the claim we proposed for the live event integrated with the new 360° campaign of kinder Riegel; not only because the chocolate bar, according to the 1.2 million Facebook fans – now almost 2 million – is a kind of a German « petite madeleine de Proust »: the cookie’s taste, which brings you back to your childhood like a high speed time machine. But also because of kinder Riegel’s new advertisement icons: Milky and Schoki. In our opinion, the 3D characters were not really ageless, but more specifically, swimming in a sustainable happiness, a permanent sparkle of milk and cacao, an eternal first kiss. “Forever young” kept coming to us as a fascinating aspect of the Y generation.

We were delighted to have Marian Gold, the star singer of Alphaville, to perform the iconic song « Forever Young », together on stage with the two 3D hosts of the party, that we imagined and engineered for some happy kinder Riegel fans, invited to the offline party after a Facebook contest.