To create a platform for change , a German sports wear company wanted to initiate a west-european management conference of the brand. They wished to gather for the first time their European managers in Paris for a 3 day meeting.
We got challenged to create a concept to „inspire the managers to find a way to win back the heart of the consumers„.
Our approach: “Stroll like a Parisian!”. Immerse in the city of love and meet the spirit of the brand in person(s).
On top of a comprehensive program of lectures and conferences, an urban safari was planed in the heart of Paris. Multiple meetings are organised, after the local lifestyle: an interview in a café, mingling with the crowd at rush hour and even the most unexpected competition is observed in action.
And of course, the participants are invited to live and taste the Parisian life and to understand its trends from the inside.

  • Client: n.n.
  • Location: Paris