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The “State of the Art Forum” was a two day congress at the Computer History Museum in the Silicon Valley, during which top managers of internet companies shared their point of view on the digital transformations in the media industry. The Bertelsmann managers where invited to enter an intellectual exchange with them, in an open and accessible way.
The congress was followed by the annual Bertelsmann Management Meeting, including visits of the headquarters of Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and of the University Campus of Stanford.
In the following year around 300 of Bertelsmann top managers and creatives met at the St. Pancras-Hotel in London for a three day congress about creativity and innovation. The program included performances, talks, lectures and workshops by famous creatives like will.i.am, Jamie Oliver, Simon Cowell and Jean Michelle Jarre.

Photos: Corporate Candy, Bertelsmann, ITTZ

  • Client: Corporate Candy for Bertelsmann
  • Location: Silicon Valley, USA / London, UK