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In a big change from its normal procedure, Wella wished to involve the crème de la crème of its hairdresser community, from step one on, in the process of defining the hair trends of the forthcoming year.
We were invited to do the strategy, concept and creative production for a two-day symposium for 21 of Wella’s international top stylists, to launch the trend making process of the upcoming year.
The challenge was to create the necessary inspiration and tools for the participants’ unusual task: storytelling workshops, inspirational lectures, thematic city paths, unexpected dinners, guerrilla art, local food art and thematic shuttles.
Our approach: Berlin is the set of the movie to come and the stage of the trends in the making: every aspects of the stay of the participants is connected to living facets or figures of the city, which are reflecting in an original way the creative directions, that have been given out to the participants as a starting point.

Photos: Oliver Roetz, ITTZ, Marc Bijl, 029

  • Client: WELLA
  • Location: Berlin