Trend research is a fascinating process. We love it, probably because it has so much to do with cultural identification, certainly because it is quite a complex and human driven process. In order to imagine the trends of the forthcoming year, Wella invited 21 of its most famous stylists worldwide for a symposium in Berlin, in which they would co-create a video trailer of the brand’s definition of upcoming trends.
Organizing two days of conferences and storytelling workshops for such artists was highly exciting to us.

Trends are in permanent movement, that you may see happening in the streets, way before they appear in magazines. In the first place, they emerge through trendsetters and other local figures’ attitudes. In a town like Berlin, style is so individual, cosmopolite and non-conformist that we were certain that the city itself could offer the best free-minded inspiration for the participants.

The workshop tools and content program featured Berlin’s actors and insiders, who actively supported the creative flow and were inspiration’s kick off for the creative process. All shuttles, breaks, diners and above all, the scenography of the workshops’ venues, were occasions to get in touch with the cultural life of Berlin. And in turn, the city became, for two days, the set of the styling brand’s movie of trends in the making.